National Frozen Custard Day - August 8
Thu, Aug 8, 2024

National Frozen Custard Day

At the heart of National Frozen Custard Day is a cold treat loved by many people. At first glance, frozen custard looks like ice cream, but it tastes differently. However, nothing prevents you from enjoying both on this holiday.


Custard is a very ancient invention, the origins of which date back to the Roman period. In the 17th century, custard was served as an independent dish. It was only in 1919 they guessed to freeze it: it was done by enterprising ice cream sellers. They quickly noticed that, compared to ice cream, custard had a softer texture and melted much more slowly. Buyers appreciated this original idea.

National Frozen Custard Day draws attention to an unusual dessert, encouraging people to try it. Most find it very tasty.

Interesting facts

  • Custard comes in a variety of densities, from thin to very thick. This greatly affects its consistency in the frozen state.
  • Frozen custard does not store well even in the freezer: it must be eaten immediately.
  • This dessert is most loved in Wisconsin.

How to take part

Make a refreshing creamy treat yourself, order it in a café, or buy it in a store. It depends on your preferences. Offer this cold dessert to a person who has not tried it yet, and ask what they like more: frozen custard or ice cream?

Sign up for courses to learn how to make several variations of your favorite treat and other equally tasty and original desserts. Courses can be replaced with online training videos or cookbooks.

When is National Frozen Custard Day celebrated in 2024?

National Frozen Custard Day is observed on August 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 8 2024
Friday August 8 2025
Saturday August 8 2026

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