National Egg Roll Day - June 10
Mon, Jun 10, 2024

National Egg Roll Day

National Egg Roll Day has been celebrated since 2019. This dish has a long history. It is believed to be of Asian origin. But most importantly, it is very tasty, and Americans immediately liked it. Various ingredients can be added, which makes the dish even more interesting.


This holiday’s history takes us back to 1986, when two immigrant Vietnamese, Kim and Wang, opened a restaurant in Texas. The menu featured American and Asian dishes. It quickly became popular and Americans loved visiting it. One of the favorite dishes was egg rolls. Outwardly, they were like Asian food. In fact, it was deep-fried dough, well soaked in eggs. Kim and Wang added shredded cabbage, fried meat, sauce, and other ingredients.

It is believed, National Egg Roll Day was created in honor of the Vietnamese brothers. Although, there are records that a similar meal has been prepared by Americans since the 1800s. Kim and Wang tried to keep their restaurant to a high standard, always offering fresh and high-quality products, so it did not lose popularity. They often experimented with ingredients and offered diners delicious rolls and other dishes.

How to take part

Of course, you need to eat egg rolls. Prepare them at home. You can take any ingredients for the filling: raw or pickled vegetables, meat, herbs, and various sauces. If you do not want to cook at home, this is a great day to head to a café or restaurant serving delicious egg rolls.

When is National Egg Roll Day celebrated in 2024?

National Egg Roll Day is observed on June 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 10 2024
Tuesday June 10 2025

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