National Don’t Fry Day - May
Fri, May 24, 2024

National Don’t Fry Day

National Don’t Fry Day is an annual American holiday celebrating safe sun exposure. It is celebrated every Friday in May, preceding Memorial Day. Hot days are coming, and many people go out into nature, sunbathing, and barbecuing. During this time, it is necessary to take care of your skin to avoid overheating, as well as to minimize the negative effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin.


The history of National Don’t Fry Day begins in 2008. NCoSKP was the driving force behind the initiative to create the holiday, the goal of which is to raise awareness about skin cancer. Exposure to the sun for extended periods of time has a negative effect on exposed skin, greatly increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. Following basic protective measures will keep it to a minimum and allow you to rest comfortably.

Check your UV index before going outdoors. If you want to tan, it is better to do it in the early morning or in the evening. Avoid being outdoors at midday, when the sun is most dangerous (the radiation index is highest).

Interesting facts

  • Exposure to the sun on the whole body for about 15 minutes allows the production of vitamin D.
  • As sunscreens is better to choose formulations on an organic basis, to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • On a sunny day, it is better to wear white fabric, as this color, on the contrary, repels the sun’s rays, rather than absorbing them.

How to celebrate

Learn more about skin cancer this day. Pay more attention to your own safety while in the sun. Choose a sunscreen for yourself.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask users what protective measures they take when they’re out in the sun for long periods of time?

When is National Don’t Fry Day celebrated in 2024?

National Don’t Fry Day is observed on the Friday before Memorial Day (last Monday of May).


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday May 24 2024
Friday May 23 2025

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