National Dark Chocolate Day - February 1
Thu, Feb 1, 2024

National Dark Chocolate Day

National Dark Chocolate Day is an annual American celebration of dark chocolate. Celebrated on February 1st. Not only is this sweet treat a great food item, but it is often used as an ingredient in many desserts.


National Dark Chocolate Day is created to pay tribute to this product. The history of dark chocolate dates back to the Mayan people. In the tribe, a drink was prepared from cocoa beans: they were crushed, after which they were thrown into water and heated.

During the Age of Discovery, chocolate entered Europe. It is believed that the Spanish colonists brought it in the early 16th century. To get more sweetness, they used honey and other additives. Familiar to many chocolate bars were obtained in the 18th century, and a century later this product was already being produced on an industrial scale.

Interesting facts

  • Based on dark chocolate, a milk version of this product was created. It began to actively spread at the end of the 20th century. A certain amount of milk was simply added to the chocolate mass during production.
  • Dark chocolate contains a sufficient amount of caffeine (improves brain function for a short time, a person becomes active and energetic), vitamins A, E, K, B vitamins, as well as a number of macro- and microelements.
  • Research scientists have shown that eating dark chocolate strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves skin health, can improve eyesight and lower cholesterol levels.

How to celebrate

Enjoy National Dark Chocolate Day with a bar of dark chocolate. This is a great day to test your cooking skills and make delicious chocolate desserts. Learn more interesting information about this product and share it with your friends and family.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Find out from other users how often they use dark chocolate, what dishes they like to cook based on it.

When is National Dark Chocolate Day celebrated in 2024?

National Dark Chocolate Day is observed on February 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 1 2024
Saturday February 1 2025
Sunday February 1 2026
Monday February 1 2027

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