National Dance the Waltz Day - march
Mon, Mar 4, 2024

National Dance the Waltz Day

National Dance the Waltz Day is an American holiday dedicated to the waltz. This popular dance, whose history goes back several centuries, is known throughout the world. Often performed at various celebratory events: weddings, state dinners, and more. It is a slow and sensual dance performed in a closed position. The holiday is celebrated annually on March 4.


The foundations of the waltz were laid by German peasants back in the Middle Ages. Originally, it was a folk dance, including such elements as turns, rolls, and more. In the 1600s it became popular in the Germanic region of the Volt, where it acquired new features taken from other dances.

The waltz became a sought-after dance in palaces. Many famous composers wrote music for him: F. Lehar, Johann Strauss, Franz Chopin, and many others. All celebrations could not do without couples, who whirled in a waltz, taking the eyes of all the guests. In the United States, the waltz as a dance established in the 19th century and has since enjoyed great popularity.

Interesting facts

  • The waltz has many variations, which differ significantly from the classic version of the performance. For example, the Viennese waltz has a faster tempo.
  • Popular compositions for the waltz are “Tales of the Vienna Woods” by I. Strauss and “Waltz No. 7” by F. Chopin. F. Chopin.
  • The main standardized feature of the waltz is the closed position of the dance. Partners are always in close contact.

How to celebrate

At National Dance the Waltz Day, listen to classic waltz compositions. Find a partner to spin together in this beautiful dance! You can sign up for training courses to learn the art of the waltz.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they have ever danced a waltz.

When is National Dance the Waltz Day in 2024?

National Dance the Waltz Day is observed on March 4 each year.


Monday March 4 2024
Tuesday March 4 2025
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