National Creamsicle Day - August 14
Wed, Aug 14, 2024

National Creamsicle Day

National Creamsicle Day is dedicated to the most delicious creamy and citrus dessert on a stick. In the summer you always want something refreshing, so it is simply impossible to deny yourself such a treat! By the way, ‘Creamsicle’ is a brand of ice cream, but many people began using the name for any similar treat. The original is vanilla ice cream with a layer of orange juice.

The History

In 1905, a boy named Frank Epperson quite by accident created ice cream, which was later called a Popsicle.‎ Frank mixed orange juice with water and left the mixture outside. It was cold that night, so he got a frozen dessert in the morning! Did he think a real holiday would be created in his honor?

At first, the boy sold his creation to classmates and friends, calling it ‘frozen juice on a stick’. Frank received a patent in 1924.

Today, the Creamsicle brand is owned by Good Humor. The flavors of the dessert also increased over time: blueberries, raspberries, limes, cherries, grapes, etc. For those who do not eat sugar, the ice cream is made without it.

Interesting facts

  • It is known that a similar mixture was experimented with earlier, in 1872. The dessert was named Hokey-Pokey;
  • Evidence of ice cream is also found in 14th century Asia;
  • More than 2 billion popsicles are sold annually;
  • The largest ice cream in the world (21 pounds) was created in the Netherlands in 1997;
  • The world record for eating ice cream in 2014 belongs to Jimmy Prince (Canada) – he ate a Creamsicle in just 11.81 seconds.

How to take part

The best thing about National Creamsicle Day is making your own treat! Take different ingredients, move away from the usual recipes and experiment, just as Frank Epperson did. Surprise your loved ones with a delicious dessert!

When is National Creamsicle Day celebrated in 2024?

National Creamsicle Day is observed on August 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 14 2024
Thursday August 14 2025
Friday August 14 2026

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