National Crayola Crayon Day - March 31
Sun, Mar 31, 2024

National Crayola Crayon Day

National Crayola Crayon Day is an annual American holiday celebrating Crayola drawing products. The most popular are wax crayons, but the company produces pencils, markers and many other products. The main feature of Crayola products is safety and non-toxicity for children, confirmed by ongoing research. The holiday is celebrated on March 31.


The origin story of the National Crayola Crayon Day is unknown. Probably the enterprising people simply decided to thank the creators of a variety of arts and crafts by dedicating a day to them on the calendar.

Crayola was founded in 1885 by cousins of E. Binney and C. G. Smith. Prior to that, the former’s father owned a pigmented components factory. Eighteen years after the company’s creation, a unique product has been released – a set of soft multicolored crayons for drawing. They were made using paraffin and adding non-toxic pigments. Created crayons do not crumble and do not contaminate the hands, which spared the parents of worries about cleaning the house after the children’s art, for which the kids usually used paints and ordinary crayons.

Over the years, the company has created and released many different kits for children’s artwork. For example, many remember the box with the “colors of the skin. Thanks to these pencils, you could color people of any nationality!

Interesting facts

  • The first set included only 8 colored crayons for drawing. Today you can find sets of 100 or more pieces of products.
  • The French word “craie,” which can be used to mean “chalky” and “oily,” was chosen as the basis for the company name.
  • Today, the company offers a variety of colors in its products, while having original names. For example, Robin’s Egg Blue.

How to celebrate

Buy your kids Crayola drawing kits or try them out yourself! With their use, you can create great drawings and full-fledged paintings.

Spread the word on social media. Ask users if they have had any experience with Crayola crayons. What impression did the product leave?

When is National Crayola Crayon Day celebrated in 2024?

National Crayola Crayon Day is observed on March 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday March 31 2024
Monday March 31 2025

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