National Cognac Day - June 4
Tue, Jun 4, 2024

National Cognac Day

Take out a beautiful glass from your kitchen cabinet, pour yourself an amber drink. You have a legitimate reason to start celebrating at any time on June 4, National Cognac Day. Invite a friend and discuss pressing issues: modern trends in culture, fine arts, and literature. Cognac disposes one to intellectual conversations.

The History

Cognac was named after the French city, where it was invented. In the Middle Ages, the Dutch visited France for salt and wine. It was found that the quality of wine depends how it is stored. The enterprising Dutch began to use an avant-garde method of double distillation, which gave a basic product with an unusual taste. This was brandy. Cognac is made only in the French region of the same name. The process of making it is spelled out in detail, regulated by rules designated and approved by the Bureau National Interprofessional Du Cognac. You need a specific grape variety, and special equipment with condensation devices.

Interesting Facts

Cognac production requires strict adherence to tradition and technique. Deviation from the rules turns cognac into low-grade brandy.

  1. 6 certified regions of production are located in France. The origin of a cognac is a guarantee of its quality.
  2. In French wineries, cognac is aged in barrels created from natural oak for at least 30 months.
  3. This ancient drink is rich in taste and aroma. Cognac XO is aged for 10 years.
  4. It was first sold in France in 1617.

This drink is expensive due to the cost of the resources necessary for producing a high-quality drink (aging time, labor, growing a specific type of grape, export costs).

How to take part

On this National Day, take out the most expensive bottle of cognac you have saved for a special occasion. It has come. Enjoy its refined properties.

Go to a bar, brighten up an interesting conversation with cognac.

Go to a special seminar to learn the secrets of how the drink is created, then attend a tasting.

This festive event is connected with history. A fascinating journey into a world of knowledge is waiting for you.

When is National Cognac Day celebrated in 2024?

National Cognac Day is observed on June 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 4 2024
Wednesday June 4 2025