National Coffee Cake Day
Sun, Apr 7, 2024

National Coffee Cake Day

National Coffee Cake Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to this wonderful dessert. A delicate cake with a seductive coffee flavor. What could be better?! Especially if you are a fan of coffee or chocolate. The holiday is celebrated on April 7.


The history of National Coffee Cake Day remains unknown. Researchers believe that coffee cake or cakes were invented in Europe (presumably in Austria) in the 17th century. As their creation had served many other famous desserts. The impetus for the appearance of coffee cake was the popular habit, to wash down desserts with coffee. Apparently, some skillful chef had the idea to combine two delicious products together. So we got a great cake with a distinctly coffee flavor and aroma.

There is no single correct recipe for coffee cake. You can add different nuts, use several kinds of cream, add berries or fruit. Coffee cake is not only a great dessert, but also a real field for experimentation for those who love cooking.

Interesting facts

  • A possible prototype for today’s sweet dish is Viennese kaffeeklatsch cakes.
  • Coffee can be used to make biscuits, as well as a component of cream or simply as a sprinkle on top.

How to celebrate

Visit cafes or restaurants to try coffee cake. You can order it from a pastry shop. Surprise your family and friends by making it yourself. Recipes can easily be found on the Internet. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask users if they tried the coffee cake. What was your impression of the dessert?

When is National Coffee Cake Day celebrated in 2024?

National Coffee Cake Day is observed on April 7 each year.


Sunday April 7 2024
Monday April 7 2025
Weekday Month Day Year

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