National Chocolate Cupcake Day - October 18
Tue, Oct 18, 2022

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Every year, National Chocolate Cupcake Day is celebrated by all lovers of sweets on October 18th. This is a great excuse to take a pack of fresh and delicious chocolate cupcakes to work and treat your colleagues. During this national day, there will definitely be fewer sad people, because chocolate, as you know, can cheer you up.


As an independent dish, the recipe for chocolate muffins appeared in 1796, when Amelia Simmons’ cookbook American Cookery was published. The writer suggested baking miniature cake layers in ordinary cups, hence the name of the dessert – cupcakes. Indeed, in those years, small forms for cupcakes were not produced, they were not on sale, so culinary specialists used improvised baking tools, including mugs.

A new wave of cupcake adoration came in the mid-2000s, when the Manhattan bakery appeared on the hit series Sex and the City. Since then, chocolate cupcakes have regularly appeared in cooking competitions, in films and in huge numbers in stores.

Fun facts

  • in the Bahamas, fruits, nuts and raisins are used to bake cakes, which are previously aged in rum for several months: ready-made cupcakes have a persistent rum flavor;
  • the German Christmas cake is called “stolen”: it is baked in a rectangular shape and decorated with powdered sugar on top;
  • The cupcake-eating record was set by Patrick Bertoletti, who in 2012 managed to eat 6 cupcakes in 72 minutes;
  • The largest cake was baked before in East London, South Africa: it took 13 gallons of water, more than 1600 eggs, 330 pounds of flour, about 220 pounds of frosting and 155 pounds of margarine.

How to celebrate

On the occasion of National Chocolate Cupcake Day, you can indulge yourself with a new version of chocolate cupcakes. And now there are quite a lot of options, because the traditional recipe has been repeatedly modified and improved by adding liquor, cognac, cherries, white or dark chocolate and much more to the cupcake. If you have never made chocolate cupcakes at home, then you can try yourself as a confectioner by enlisting one of the recipes from the Internet. And, of course, you definitely need to treat your relatives, friends and colleagues at work with this dessert.

When is National Chocolate Cupcake Day celebrated in 2022?

National Chocolate Cupcake Day is observed on October 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 18 2022
Wednesday October 18 2023
Friday October 18 2024
Saturday October 18 2025
Sunday October 18 2026

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