National Cheeseball Day - April 17
Wed, Apr 17, 2024

National Cheeseball Day

On April 17, it is time to enjoy delicious snacks. National Cheese Ball Day has come. Prepare plates! Cheese balls are prepared for Christmas as a nutritious, hot dish for the festive table. No are obstacles to cooking them in April, when celebrating the holiday that bears their name.

The History

The first cheese ball appeared in President Thomas Jefferson’s kitchen, in 1801. In 1944, a corresponding recipe was described in a cookbook authored by Virginia Safford.

Fun Facts

The dish is made from cream cheese, spices, and green spring onions. Use cheddar, and crackers and nuts as breading.

  1. There is a vegetarian recipe for cheese balls for those who do not eat dairy products. Eat this delicious food on weekdays and holidays.
  2. Columnists of American newspapers associate cheese balls with an unpleasant thing, a treat for middle-class people.
  3. Sauce matters. This is a huge field for experimentation, with a wide range of options.

Cheese balls will save you from starvation when the refrigerator is empty. It is made with the addition of crackers, or even the leftovers of dinner. Let’s watch a good movie, and indulge in a simple, delicious treat.

When National Cheeseball Day celebrated in 2024?

National Cheeseball Day is observed on April 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday April 17 2024
Thursday April 17 2025