National Centenarian’s Day - September 22
Thu, Sep 22, 2022

National Centenarian’s Day

National Centenarian’s Day is dedicated to people who have lived to be 100 years old. On this day, each of us can pay attention to the rich history, life wisdom, which people of respectable age are always happy to share. On September 22, listen to their stories, be inspired, because a century has passed before the eyes of these people.


Life expectancy is gradually increasing, respectively, there are more people who overcome the centennial anniversary. According to UN statistics, there are about 570 centenarians on the planet. Most of them are in Japan, and by 2050 there will be approximately 275 thousand. Agree, a person who survived the Great Depression, world wars deserves respect and reverence. These people can talk about silent films, the invention of television and airplanes, the first flight into space.

Interesting Facts

  • In some cultures, it is customary to give gifts to those over 100 years old, they are covered in the news.
  • The absolute record of longevity is 110 years.
  • Only one out of 110 centenarians reaches the age of 1000; today there are no more than 450 such people in the world.
  • The first officially confirmed long-liver is the Dutchman Geert Adrians, he was born in 1788 and died in 1899.

How to celebrate

Visit the centenarian and take time for this person – talk, listen to interesting stories. Believe me, such life lessons are priceless. Gather collections related to a long-liver – these can be paintings, books, folklore, as a rule, people of respectable age are happy to share such information. Older people are not necessarily helpless and weak. If possible, arrange a party for them.

When is National Centenarian’s Day in 2022?

National Centenarian’s Day is observed on September 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 22 2022
Friday September 22 2023
Sunday September 22 2024
Monday September 22 2025
Tuesday September 22 2026

What today?

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