National Bouillabaisse Day - December 14
Wed, Dec 14, 2022

National Bouillabaisse Day

National Bouillabaisse Day is a great occasion to treat yourself to a legendary French dish! The complex name did not prevent it from gaining popularity. French journalist Alfred Capus even called it a combination of fish and sun.


Today, Bouillabaisse is easy to find in high-end restaurants, but that wasn’t always the case. Initially, the food was intended for the poor segments of the population: it was prepared from the day’s catch. It is worth noting that due to the unremarkableness of the dish, sometimes it included not quite fresh products. Over time, Bouillabaisse still made it to the rating of special treats.

The origins of soup are hidden in ancient Greece. Marseille was once a Greek colony on the Mediterranean coast, the city was founded around 600 BC. settlers from Asia Minor. They were real inventors, so they introduced their many recipes. Kakavia – the so-called fish soup, after a while transformed into a modern dish.

One of the legends says that Venus cooked soup for her husband Vulcan. When he was satisfied with food, he fell asleep sweetly. At this time, the wife was in a hurry to meet the god Mars. We can confirm that the classic dish is really very satisfying! On National Day, no one needs to be “put to sleep”, but treats are welcome!

Interesting facts

Notable points:

  • the difference between the dish and ordinary fish soups in spices: orange peel, saffron, fennel;
  • Marseille fishermen used soup separately from fish, dipping pieces in garlic sauce;
  • in 1980, rules came out that described the ingredients of real soup. This was how the Marseille restaurateurs spoke, noticing that the dish was being modified beyond recognition.

How to celebrate

Make soup on National Bouillabaisse Day! If you try, you can get a rich, bright, amazing dish. Go to a restaurant and try the original version (as much as possible). Learn the mythology associated with stew, share information with friends.

When is National Bouillabaisse Day celebrated in 2022?

National Bouillabaisse Day is observed on December 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday December 14 2022
Thursday December 14 2023
Saturday December 14 2024
Sunday December 14 2025
Monday December 14 2026

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