National Boston Cream Pie Day - October 23
Mon, Oct 23, 2023

National Boston Cream Pie Day

Celebrate the delicious treat of Boston Cream Pie on October 23rd! This day is the perfect opportunity to remove all tasteless foods from your meals and indulge in something sweet. Cake lovers, unite and celebrate this day with us!


Boston Cream Pie is a chocolate cake with a delicate biscuit and chocolate icing. This creation has been one of the most popular desserts in the candy field. Although it is often referred to as a pie, many agree that it is still a cake.

This treat was created by Boston chef M. Sanzian in 1856. He took a French butter biscuit, filled it with custard, brushed it with syrup, and covered it with chocolate. This idea may have been inspired by another similar product – Washington Pie (which was supplemented with jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar, but was much thinner than the Boston Cream Pie).

Due to its delicious taste, perfect structure, and mouth-watering appearance, the Boston Cream Pie became a hit instantly. In 1996, Massachusetts declared the treat to be its official dessert.

Interesting facts

  • In the classic version, the cake is baked from flour with a reduced gluten content, so the biscuits are as light and airy as possible.
  • In 2010, Southern New Hampshire University students made the biggest cake ever! This cake was 1.5 feet high and 10 feet wide.
  • The name “pie” comes from the fact that pie molds were common in the 19th century. The first dessert was likely prepared in them.

How to take part

The best way to participate in National Boston Cream Pie Day is to visit the homeland of this treat and enjoy its real taste. If that is not possible, you can cook it yourself. It is not difficult, as the ingredients are the simplest. Invite your loved ones to join the process, as it will be more fun. Alternatively, you can also throw a Boston party and sample some of the area’s other famous dishes.

When is National Boston Cream Pie Day celebrated in 2023?

National Boston Cream Pie Day is observed on October 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 23 2023
Wednesday October 23 2024
Thursday October 23 2025
Friday October 23 2026