National Bootlegger’s Day - January 17
Wed, Jan 17, 2024

National Bootlegger’s Day

National Bootleggers Day is an American annual celebration of Prohibition. Moreover, this day was created not only in honor of this period of American history, but also associates with it the name of the gangster Al Capone, who launched the clandestine production of Templeton Rye whiskey, which is officially produced now. Celebrated on January 17th.


Bootleggers have deservedly taken their place on the pages of US history. The times of Prohibition are a gloomy period in which there was a place for gangster showdowns, numerous crimes. It is still shrouded in a certain romantic atmosphere of underground alcohol producers. First of all, this became possible thanks to the bright image of Al Capone.

The first celebration of this day took place in 2015. A corresponding proposal was made by Infiniim Spirits. It produced Templeton Rye whiskey, whose history dates back to Prohibition. This aged strong drink is revered among whiskey lovers, having a bright aroma and complex harmonious tastes, with nuances of fruit and rye bread.

In the 19th century, “bootleggers” were people who hid alcohol in their shoes. This method was very fond of the soldiers, because in this way they could carry strong drinks to their base. During Prohibition (it was introduced on January 17, 1920), bootleggers began to be called everyone who participated in the underground production of alcohol.

Interesting facts

  • Wayne Bidwell Wheeler was one of the most influential people who strongly advocated strict enforcement of Prohibition. He insisted that chemicals be added to alcohol, as he called people who use it suicidal.
  • To hide from police persecution, bootleggers put on special plates on their boots that leave a mark similar to a cow’s hoof. So they confused the tracks.
  • Wine was not banned, but it was produced only for ceremonial purposes. Issued to priests and rabbis.

How to celebrate

Find out more interesting information about bootleggers at National Bootleggers Day and share it with your friends and acquaintances. You can purchase Templeton Rye whiskey to enjoy its wonderful harmonious taste. It would also be a great idea to go to the museum to get a closer look at the historical aspect of Prohibition.

When is National Bootlegger’s Day celebrated in 2024?

National Bootlegger’s Day is observed on January 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 17 2024
Friday January 17 2025
Saturday January 17 2026
Sunday January 17 2027

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