National Bomb Pop Day - June
Thu, Jun 27, 2024

National Bomb Pop Day

National Bomb Pop Day is about a tricolor red, white and blue popsicle made in the shape of a rocket. Each color has its own flavor – cherry, lime, and blue raspberry. National Bomb Pop Day is celebrated on the last Thursday of June each year. Why does an ordinary popsicle deserve its own holiday?


The birthday of Bomb Pop ice cream is July 30, 1955. Location is Kansas City, Missouri. It was invented by two employees from the small company Merritt Foods – J. Merritt and D.S. Abernathy. The tension between the US and the USSR, threatening nuclear war, prompted them to create it. The international situation was heating up by 1955, and Merritt and Abernathy came up with this popsicle, painted in the colors of the American flag, to slightly cool their overly temperamental fellow citizens.

In 1989, Bomb Pop had a competitor – Firecracker Pop popsicle from Popsicle, and their tough fight for a place in the market lasted 25 years. In 1991, Merritt Foods was acquired by Well’s Dairy along with its products. Since then, many similar popsicles have been produced in different colors with other flavors, but the original remains a real bomb!

In 2005, Bomb Pop ice cream celebrated its 50th anniversary. In the same year, National Bomb Pop Day was registered as an official holiday.

Interesting facts

Did you know?

  1. Because of its patriotic colors, the Bomb Pop is considered to be a great holiday treat on Independence Day (July 4th).
  2. Their competitor Firecracker Pop differed only in 1 ingredient – instead of lime there was white lemon (bianchetti – this is the name of a stage of lemon ripeness, when they are no longer green, but have not yet turned yellow).
  3. Today, Bomb Pop is still made in La Marsa, Iowa.

How to take part

The best way to celebrate National Bomb Pop Day is to buy this popsicle for the whole family! It is sold in many American stores. And if it is out of stock somewhere, you can order it on their official website.

When is National Bomb Pop Day celebrated in 2024?

National Bomb Pop Day is observed on the last Thursday of June each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday June 27 2024
Thursday June 26 2025