National Bock Beer Day - March 20
Wed, Mar 20, 2024

National Bock Beer Day

National Bock Beer Day is an American holiday dedicated to a type of German beer. It is called “Bock” and is a strong beer that can be brewed by both top and bottom fermentation. It is celebrated annually on March 20.


According to historical information, beer production began in the town of Ainbeck. It was originally a village, which in 1240 received the status of a city. Since then, they began to officially brew beer, which was characterized by increased strength. The high level of alcohol allowed the beer not to spoil when transported to other European countries.

Since 1516, when the German Purity Beer Law was issued, some technical changes were made in the production process, allowing for the production of a compliant beverage. The name of the beer comes from the second half of the city’s name, a change in pronunciation due to the Bavarian dialect: the result is Bock-bier.

Interesting facts

  • There are two varieties of this beer. Doppelbock (classic strong beer), has a wort extractivity of 18%, the strength is 8-12%. When the alcohol level rises to 13%, the yeast is killed. Excess water is removed to increase the strength. Icebock is made by a different method: when the maximum strength is reached, the beer is frozen, the water turns into ice, and very strong beer is left in the liquid state.
  • It is believed that doppelbock was first brewed by Italian monks who moved to Bavarian lands. This event took place in 1629.
  • Bock means “goat” in German. For this reason, beer packages often feature this horned animal.

How to celebrate

Buy a bock beer in the store or from craft breweries and enjoy the excellent taste of German beer. It can be served with fried sausages or cooked hearty meat dishes.

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When is National Bock Beer Day celebrated in 2024?

National Bock Beer Day is observed on March 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday March 20 2024
Thursday March 20 2025

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