National Black Cow Day - June 10
Mon, Jun 10, 2024

National Black Cow Day

Black Cow Day is celebrated by fans of a refreshing cocktail. This is the name of a refreshing drink made of only 2 ingredients: non-alcoholic beer and a scoop of ice cream. It seems the recipe is too simple, but the Black Cow drink is very popular in many countries. If you have never tried it, this is a great day to do so.


It is believed the American Frank Wiesner was the first to make the Black Cow. He owned a soda company. One night, he was contemplating a new drink. The entrepreneur got the idea to make a drink based on root beer (made from sassafras roots, harmless, non-alcoholic, often sold in candy stores). That night, he looked out the window and saw the moon light up the top of Cow Mountain. He associated this look with ice cream. Frank Wiesner decided to try adding ice cream to the root beer. Having done it, he realized he had prepared a real masterpiece.

The entrepreneur called his drink Black Cow Mountain, which was later shortened to Black Cow. This drink has become a hit among people of all ages. Given its popularity, Black Cow Day was created. It is customary to enjoy this tasty cocktail on the day. It is refreshing, so summer is the best time to enjoy it.

Interesting Facts

Find out about the Black Cow.

  1. The drink is popular in many countries, and everywhere it has a different name.
  2. The original recipe only included root beer and vanilla ice cream. Over time, it has changed. People started using soda, ice, and popsicles.
  3. The drink is not only delicious, but looks aesthetically pleasing, so it is used in photo shoots and for posting beautiful photos on social networks.

How to Take Part

The best way is to drink a delicious Black Cow. You can do it in a cozy cafe or make your own cocktail with soda and your favorite ice cream. Take a photo of your beautiful drink and post it on social networks using the hashtag #BlackCowDay.

When is National Black Cow Day celebrated in 2024?

National Black Cow Day is observed on June 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 10 2024
Tuesday June 10 2025
Wednesday June 10 2026
Thursday June 10 2027
Saturday June 10 2028
Sunday June 10 2029

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