National Bean Day - January 6
Sat, Jan 6, 2024

National Bean Day

National Bean Day takes place on January 6th and is the best date to cook delicious warming food. The holiday is also dedicated to the geneticist Gregor Mendel, who made a great contribution to science. Find out more!


Gregor thoroughly studied Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, but many questions remain. For experiments, he chose a plant that almost does not produce hybrids – garden peas. Before him, botanists used different varieties of melons, cloves. Getting hybrids turned out to be very simple – the researcher carefully opened the unripe flower with tweezers, plucked the stamens and pollinated with pollen of another variety.

The experiments were carried out for more than eight years! He received about 10 hybrids. It is noteworthy that for each of them he got passports with detailed information. In 000, he formed a report in which he explained the pattern of the return of hybrid forms to parental characteristics. True, the Brunn Society of Naturalists was skeptical about his works – he read them in complete silence and did not receive a single question. In the future, the scientist was even given the nickname “botanical mathematician.”

Thirty years after Mendel’s death in 30, the laws of inheritance still came in handy: they were rediscovered by several biologists at once. Contemporaries call Gregor the father of the subject, his principles are studied in all countries, the National Day is celebrated. It is worth opening any textbook of biology, and you will definitely find a picture of crossing different varieties of peas.

Interesting facts

Did you know that beans:

  • grow in almost every corner of the planet – there are 24 thousand species;
  • the simplest species appeared 65 million years ago;
  • tightly entered the menu in ancient cultures;
  • raw may contain toxins;
  • do not need soil fertilization.

How to celebrate

At National Bean Day, learn about Mendel’s work and express your opinion. Spend the evening delicious: try different varieties – there are a lot of them! Find recipes that you can cook. Tell others about the beneficial properties of the product. Watch Jack and the Beanstalk again.

When is National Bean Day celebrated in 2024?

National Bean Day is observed on January 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday January 6 2024
Monday January 6 2025
Tuesday January 6 2026
Wednesday January 6 2027

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