National Beach Day - August 30
Tue, Aug 30, 2022

National Beach Day

National Beach Day is celebrated on August 30 – and this is not only a celebration of the outgoing summer. It draws attention to the country’s most beautiful beaches and invites people to take part in beach clean-ups to help save wildlife.


The initiative to create National Beach Day in 2014 belongs to Colin Page, an animal behavior expert, photographer and author of many publications for the protection of wildlife. Page has created a number of holidays that are essentially charitable. All of them are dedicated to helping a variety of animals (both domestic and wild) and the theme of environmental protection.

Childhood Colin Page passed in the sun-drenched, paradise land of the United States. Of course, this is Southern California with its wonderful beach areas. In 2009, Colleen found a pelican chick on one of them. He was close to starvation – he could not get food, his beak and wing were tangled in a strong fishing line, and he could not get rid of it on his own. Colleen freed the chick. This episode gave her the idea to create a holiday that raises awareness of the loss of marine and coastal life due to human fault.

Vacationers leave real mountains of garbage in the sea and on the beaches, dangerous for animals – they are easily injured and painfully die because of plastic bags, aluminum cans and other objects that are unnecessary in nature. But their death is very easy to prevent – no need to litter on the beaches. Or at least clean up after yourself!

Interesting facts

In the state of Wisconsin, specifically in Milwaukee, in 1929 there was an attempt to organize a similar holiday, but it was unsuccessful. He didn’t become popular.

How to celebrate

It doesn’t matter that National Beach Day is a US holiday, it can be celebrated in any country:

  1. Have a beach litter clean-up day with your family or friends. Children will be happy to join if you organize a fun game or speed competition for them with small prizes. They benefit from participating in such activities.
  2. Before the end of the beach season, remind people on social networks to save the environment – clean up the garbage from the beaches. After all, it is not difficult, but the animals will have a better chance of survival.

When is National Beach Day celebrated in 2022?

National Beach Day is observed on August 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday August 30 2022
Wednesday August 30 2023
Friday August 30 2024
Saturday August 30 2025
Sunday August 30 2026

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