National Artichoke Heart Day - March 16
Sat, Mar 16, 2024

National Artichoke Heart Day

National Artichoke Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to artichokes. This food product is in great demand all over the world. It contains many vitamins and nutrients, which is why it is often recommended by nutritionists. It is celebrated on March 16.


There is no reliable information about the creation of National Artichoke Day. This holiday was most likely decided by big artichoke lovers. They wanted to clarify the history of the origin of this vegetable, to give people the opportunity to enjoy its wonderful taste, as well as to prepare many interesting dishes using it as an ingredient.

Artichoke is called a vegetable. In botanical terms, this is an incorrect statement. In fact, the artichoke is the bud of an herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family, which has reached a certain stage of maturity. Artichokes are commonly grown in warm conditions – in cold countries the plants simply will not be able to give healthy and developed buds, and the use of greenhouses is not always appropriate for its cultivation. Thus, the artichoke is grown in the southern states of the United States, in the warm countries of Europe, and in the South of Russia.

Artichokes have been known for thousands of years. According to reliable sources, they began to gain popularity as a food in the 15th century in Italian Tuscany. They spread further to the rest of Europe. During the Age of Discovery, European colonists brought them to the Americas. In the U.S., they became a real hit much later, in the 1900s, when Italian migrants began to use it as a food item.

Interesting facts

  • California produces about 90% of all artichokes grown in the United States.
  • In 1949, M. Monroe won the title of “Artichoke Queen” in a California competition.
  • Artichokes are rich in B vitamins, vitamins C, A, PP. They contain large amounts of potassium, chlorine, phosphorus and sodium.

How to celebrate

On National Artichoke Day, visit a cafe or restaurant with friends/family to sample the best dishes from professional chefs with artichokes. You can make your own artichokes. The recipes are on the Internet. They are usually fried, stuffed, or baked. Eat, removing all the scales with their hands.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they have tried artichokes, what was their impression of the product?

When is National Artichoke Heart Day celebrated in 2024?

National Artichoke Heart Day is observed on March 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday March 16 2024
Sunday March 16 2025

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