Model T Day - October 1
Sun, Oct 1, 2023

Model T Day

Model T Day is a holiday dedicated to the world’s first million-series car, created by Henry Ford. He famously “put America on wheels” by making a passenger car available at an affordable price due to various smart decisions. On October 1st, we show our appreciation to those involved!


In 1908, owning a car was a luxury for the wealthy due to its high cost. This sparked the Henry Ford team to take action. They collected engineers and technicians and studied the issue in depth. Finally, in the fall of 1908 (the date of the holiday coincides with the launch of the Model T), the Americans were presented with a left-hand drive car with a closed four-cylinder engine, a vanadium steel body, and an impeccable design. It was renowned for its reliability and robustness, leading to the Ford Motor Company building a new factory to produce the model. This is where conveyor belts were first utilized.

It is unknown who designated October 1st as the holiday, but we know it is now a part of American culture! It marks the day when the general population gained access to a vehicle and transportation.

Interesting facts

  • The Model T was notoriously difficult to drive, making it even more impressive that it became so popular. It had 3 pedals (brake and gear shift), the engine was started and the candles were lit manually, and there were no sensors – the driver had to control the oil and gasoline levels intuitively.
  • The first models were available in a variety of colors – gray, blue, green, red, etc. – before production was solely dedicated to black due to the slow down in the assembly line.
  • Henry Ford did not need to create an advertising campaign – the car was already a success without any marketing.
  • Poland built an armoured version of the Model T.

How to take part

Learn about the sensational model and its incredible facts. Share the information you learn with children and teenagers. Many people create car miniatures from a range of materials – watch tutorials and try making your own!

When is Model T Day in 2023?

Model T Day is observed on October 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 1 2023
Tuesday October 1 2024
Wednesday October 1 2025
Thursday October 1 2026