Mitten Tree Day - December 6
Wed, Dec 6, 2023

Mitten Tree Day

Mitten Tree Day is celebrated on December 6th in the US and celebrates the cute winter accessory that so many people love! Despite the fact that gloves have long been invented, mittens remain a popular choice. Not to mention how convenient it is to sculpt snowmen with them! If you have never worn mittens, you should definitely try them out!


The origin of mittens is shrouded in mystery. According to unofficial data, a certain prototype was found in Latvia, dating back to 1000 BC. In this country, mittens have become associated with many traditional customs. Women, according to custom, knitted them for each member of the family – quite an endearing gesture! Interestingly, each pair was intended for a specific person. The keepers of the hearth created various options: festive, everyday, with or without patterns.

The first knitting machine appeared in 1589, marking the beginning of mass production in Europe! Craftsmen who created mittens without the help of machines had to face competition, but it was too difficult to displace manual work. It was in the latter that a person put his soul into the product – many buyers said so. Today, it is easy to find models to your taste – you will be spoilt for choice!

Interesting facts

Here are some fun facts about mittens:

  • They retain heat better due to the fingers being together.
  • Children also knew how to knit mittens, as adults taught them this art.
  • Mittens are widely used in Scandinavia.
  • At one point, they were only worn by peasants, as upper-class members did not deem it fashionable.
  • Kings later started wearing mittens, thus breaking stereotypes.

How to take part

To take part in Mitten Tree Day, you can buy yourself a new pair of mittens in preparation for a winter stroll and creating a snowman. You can also give mittens to your loved ones as a nice gesture. Don’t forget to spread the word about National Mitten Tree Day and invite your friends to join in the celebration!

When is Mitten Tree Day celebrated in 2023?

Mitten Tree Day is observed on December 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday December 6 2023
Friday December 6 2024
Saturday December 6 2025
Sunday December 6 2026

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