Mitten Tree Day - December 6
Tue, Dec 6, 2022

Mitten Tree Day

Mitten Tree Day is celebrated on December 6th in the US and celebrates the cute winter thing that so many people love! Despite the fact that gloves have long been invented, mittens do not lose their popularity. And how convenient it is to sculpt snowmen in them! If you have never worn products, you should definitely try!


The origin of mittens is shrouded in mystery. According to unofficial data, it is known that a certain prototype was found in Latvia, it dates back to 1000 BC. There are many traditions associated with things in the country. Women, according to custom, knitted them for each member of the family – you must admit, it’s so cute! Interestingly, each pair was intended for a specific person. The keepers of the hearth created various options: festive, everyday, with or without patterns.

The first knitting machine appeared in 1589. This is how mass production started in Europe! Craftsmen who created without the help of machines lost some customers, but it was too difficult to displace manual work. It was in the latter that a person put his soul into the product – many buyers said so. Today it is easy to find models to your taste – we will not even list everything, but we will send you right now to purchase mittens in your favorite online store.

Interesting facts

Did you know that mittens:

  • retain heat better due to the fact that the fingers are together;
  • children also knew how to create – adults taught them this art;
  • widely used in Scandinavia;
  • according to one version, they were considered the clothes of ordinary peasants, for the upper classes it was considered unacceptable to wear them;
  • in one period they were worn by kings, breaking previous stereotypes.

How to celebrate

Buy yourself new mittens, because very soon you can get together for a winter walk and start making a snowman! Give products to loved ones – this is a nice gesture. Tell your friends about National Day and invite them to celebrate the date!

When is Mitten Tree Day celebrated in 2022?

Mitten Tree Day is observed on December 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday December 6 2022
Wednesday December 6 2023
Friday December 6 2024
Saturday December 6 2025
Sunday December 6 2026

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