Midsummer - June 24
Mon, Jun 24, 2024


Summer blooms and presents its abundant gifts to humanity in the form of the first harvest, bright greenery, and bright flowers; on June 24 we celebrate Midsummer and enjoy the magnificent weather and gentle sunshine. Time is fleeting; you need to appreciate the opportunity to enjoy life in close connection with nature.


The holiday is deeply rooted in pagan tradition. Ancient people in the Stone Age had a pantheon of gods, personifying the powerful forces of nature. Gifts were brought to them in order to receive mercy in return, in the form of a rich harvest, good weather, and the absence of cataclysms. The celebration of the summer solstice is associated with Sweden. On this day, the girls dressed up, and the men lit bonfires. They performed rituals, danced, sang, wove wreaths, and jumped over the flames of bonfires.

Interesting Facts

Fire was perceived by ancient people as an effective means of protection against the actions of evil spirits.

  1. Christians have kept the tradition of the celebration but associated it with the name of John the Baptist. On this day, bathing was performed in the river as a sign of washing away sins and gaining purity. They read prayers.
  2. In European countries, the solstice is celebrated by decorating trees with ribbons painted in bright colors. This is a tribute to the echoes of paganism and the desire to appease the elements.
  3. Traditional treats include fruits and vegetables, which were collected in the new year.

In Scandinavia, fish dishes (herring, salmon) are served on the festive table with a side dish of potatoes, vegetable salads, and fried bread.

How to take part

Plan a trip to Sweden for the holiday to see an authentic celebration, where ancient rituals are embodied and national customs are observed. Read about ancient history, when people were still in awe of the forces of nature and tried to live in harmony with them. Go on a picnic with the whole family; try to spend more time away from the hustle and bustle of the megacities.

When is Midsummer celebrated in 2024?

Midsummer is observed on June 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 24 2024
Tuesday June 24 2025