Loosen Up Lighten Up Day - November 14
Mon, Nov 14, 2022

Loosen Up Lighten Up Day

Loosen Up Lighten Up Day is celebrated in the USA on November 14 and screams to us that sometimes we need to abstract ourselves from the environment and just relax. Yes, we live in a frantic pace of life, sometimes forgetting about ourselves, close people, pleasant little things that fill us with energy. This is wrong, so drop your business and join the celebration!


Date founded by writer and lawyer Stephanie West Allen. His goal is to forget all life dramas, smile and become carefree. At least today. There are huge advantages to this: relaxation helps to control anger, to stay positive throughout the working day. This is by the way when you come home and communicate with your family, even if an “apocalypse” happened at work an hour ago.

Stress is a normal reaction of the body to certain situations. There is no such person who would not experience it for himself. However, prolonged stress causes anxiety, depression, and even physical health problems. It can be low immunity, high blood pressure, heart failure. Reducing stress is our goal to be healthy and happy!

One of the best practices for reducing anxiety is meditation. Some studies claim that it appeared 5000 thousand years ago: the ancestors knew a lot about relaxation! Sports exercises are also often used.

Interesting facts

Amazing moments about meditation:

  • it can be respiratory, based on concentration on thoughts, objects, chakras … There is also an unusual type of it – taste, when all attention is drawn to the sensations of the taste of a product;
  • contributes to an increase in brain volume – this has been proven by scientists who have gathered people for experiments. Participants showed thickening of brain areas after 2 weeks of training;
  • reduces pain.

How to celebrate

The holiday is ideal for a relaxing family evening. Prepare a delicious dinner, put fragrant flowers on the table, light incense, turn on relaxing music. The main thing is not to rush anywhere, stop and not worry about pressing problems.

When is Loosen Up Lighten Up Day celebrated in 2022?

Loosen Up Lighten Up Day is observed on November 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday November 14 2022
Tuesday November 14 2023
Thursday November 14 2024
Friday November 14 2025
Saturday November 14 2026

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