Look for an Evergreen Day - December 19
Tue, Dec 19, 2023

Look for an Evergreen Day

Look for an Evergreen Day is the perfect time to buy a Christmas tree if you haven’t already! Spruce, pine, and fir are all great choices. Many people prefer artificial trees, but they can never compare to the scent of a real tree. Do you agree?


The holiday was founded by tree growers (arborists), with the goal of drawing attention to the natural beauty of trees, without the need for decorations. We often forget that a real tree doesn’t need tinsel and lights to look wonderful! An evergreen tree looks beautiful in any season, but especially so in winter, when the snow emphasizes its deep green color.

Researchers believe that conifers have their origins in the Devonian or Carboniferous period, and typically reproduce by means of seeds. In spring, two types of cones appear: microstrobils (male) and megastrobils (female), with ripe ovules containing eggs at the tips of the branches.

Interesting facts

Surprisingly, evergreen trees:

  • Grow on all continents except Antarctica;
  • Have valuable uses in medicine and everyday life;
  • Cover 15% of the land;
  • Can have foliage in colors other than green, such as red, brown, and yellow;
  • Consist of thousands of species;
  • Generally prefer dry, well-drained soil;
  • Can survive harsh conditions, depending on the species, or adapt to a warm climate.

How to take part

Take part in Look for an Evergreen Day by going in search of the most beautiful Christmas tree. Even if you have an artificial tree, there’s no harm in exploring the different species and enjoying the natural scent. Take the kids for a walk and tell them about the trees.

When is Look for an Evergreen Day celebrated in 2023?

Look for an Evergreen Day is observed on December 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday December 19 2023
Thursday December 19 2024
Friday December 19 2025
Saturday December 19 2026

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