Launceston Cup - February 23
Fri, Feb 23, 2024

Launceston Cup

The Launceston Cup is one of the largest horse racing competitions held in Launceston, on the island of Tasmania. Every year it gathers a large number of spectators and thousands of participants from all over the world. It is held on February 23. The date remains the same from year to year.


Horse racing is one of the oldest sports. It is believed to have appeared around 450 B.C. in Central Asia. At that time, horses had already been domesticated and began to hold competitions in which it was necessary to unite the rider with his horse and perform tasks. Such a tradition gradually became popularized and has come down to this day. Today, races are held at prepared hippodromes and are sure to draw crowds of spectators. The betting business is also flourishing in this sporting area. There are huge bets on horses, and some people walk away from races with a lot of money, while others lose everything.

Launceston Cup was first held in 1865. It was attended by about 6,000 people. Every year the number of spectators and participants grew steadily. Since 1985, this day has been celebrated throughout the city with racing events, people singing songs and wearing brightly colored clothes. The Launceston Cup event has become a hallmark of Tasmania and Australia as a whole.

Interesting facts

  • Only riders on thoroughbreds are eligible to participate in the Launceston Cup.
  • Today, the prize pool of the competition is $250,000!
  • Horse races at the Launceston Racecourse are held at a distance of 2,400 meters.

How to celebrate

Visit the Launceston Cup that day to enjoy a thrilling race. Find more details online about this competition. If you’ve wanted to try something new for a long time, you can sign up for an educational horseback riding course that day.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they have visited the Launceston Cup racetrack. If so, what were their impressions of the competition?

When is Launceston Cup celebrated in 2024?

Launceston Cup is observed on February 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday February 23 2024
Sunday February 23 2025
Monday February 23 2026
Tuesday February 23 2027