Regatta Day - August
Wed, Aug 7, 2024

Regatta Day

Regatta Day is dedicated to boat racing in Newfoundland. Among sailing amateurs and professionals this holiday has been popular for more than two hundred years. True, it is highly dependent on weather conditions, so it is not always possible to celebrate it on a grand scale.


The tradition of boat racing is rooted in the deep past. We can only say that by 1800, it became so popular, in Canada it became necessary to establish an appropriate holiday. In 1860, the regatta won the favor of the royal family: since then, representatives of the British monarchy have been visiting the competition every year. It is a great honor for all participants.

In 1993, the Queen granted the holiday a special status to highlight the importance of the relationship between Canada and the UK. Such attention imposes a great responsibility on the organizers: they need to make sure the event goes as perfectly as possible.

Interesting facts

  • Tens of thousands of spectators visit Regatta Day every year. Dozens of teams take part in the competition.
  • Races cannot be held in very windy weather or during heavy rainfall, as this interferes with the movement of ships and is dangerous.
  • Newfoundland is an area with frequent fogs, which can also interfere with the competition.

How to take part

Visit the regatta with friends and family. If this is not possible, follow the competition live. This is a good reason to share emotions with loved ones, as well as to place bets on the team you like. Excitement helps to tie to the screen even those people who have never been interested in boating.

During the holiday, many stores hold sales: take advantage of this to save money and buy the thing that you have been dreaming about.

When is Regatta Day celebrated in 2024?

Regatta Day is observed on the first Wednesday of August each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 7 2024
Wednesday August 6 2025
Wednesday August 5 2026

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