Jump Over Things Day - April 6
Sat, Apr 6, 2024

Jump Over Things Day

Jump Over Things Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to jumping over obstacles. However, many people think of it simply as a day made for jumping. It’s a great excuse to take free time to be physically active and jump to your heart’s content! The holiday is celebrated on April 6.


There is no reliable information about the appearance of Jump Over Things Day. It was probably created by people who loved jumping or just physical activity.

Jumping is a type of body movement which consists in pushing the body upwards by means of a sharp springy extension of the legs. The height of the jump will depend on your training. If your leg muscles are perfectly developed, they will be able to perform the extension function more effectively. During the jump, your body is pulled away from the surface and is in the air for a very short time (on average, about a second).

Jumping is an important part of the animal world. For example, they allow predators to catch up with their prey more effectively. Frogs use jumping as their primary method of movement to quickly cover the necessary distance.

There are different types of jumps: long jump, high jump, pole vault, hurdles and the like. Many of them are included in the program of the Olympic Games.

Interesting facts

  • The flea is a record-breaker in jumping. The insect can jump 33 cm. If a human had this ability, it would jump about 2.1 meters.
  • Skiers can overcome in flight after the jump from 5 to 8 m.
  • Jumping rope is one of the best exercises for developing endurance, practicing breathing and improving blood circulation in the body.

How to celebrate

Jump over objects that day, or do long jumping, high jumping, skipping rope, etc. Take more time to be physically active. It’s good for your health!

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask users what kind of jumping they prefer?

When is Jump Over Things Day celebrated in 2024?

Jump Over Things Day is observed on April 6 each year.


Saturday April 6 2024
Sunday April 6 2025
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