International Zebra Day - January 31
Wed, Jan 31, 2024

International Zebra Day

International Zebra Day was created to protect amazing creatures whose population is decreasing every day. Some people tend to forget the importance of the world of fauna. Humanity is doing him irreparable harm. The creators of the holiday call on everyone to mercy. It is today that you can learn more about zebras, visit zoos and watch documentaries.


Zebras attract attention due to their unusual appearance. In the wild, the following species are found: mountain, plain and Gebri. The latter live in the north and it is extremely difficult to see them. Over the past few years, their numbers have decreased by more than half. The reason for this is poachers who are ready to kill innocent animals for the sake of extracting expensive skins.

The best-preserved natural habitat of zebras is in Africa. In the savannah, their lives are absolutely not in danger. In Angola and Namibia, the animals were hunted by local residents. They use them for food.

Useful facts

  1. To the average person, zebras seem the same, but biologists are able to find differences between them. Each representative has a special color. Their coloring is truly amazing. It serves as protection against insects, in particular the extremely dangerous tsetse fly.
  2. Zebras can sleep standing up. They huddle together in herds to continue to stick together in case of danger.
  3. Africa is the only continent where zebras live.
  4. The first mentions belong to the Stone Age. During research, archaeologists discovered rock paintings.

How to celebrate

There are several options for getting closer to the wild and becoming a participant in a global celebration. To get started, you should share this news with your friends, just make a post on social networks.

Everyone has black and white clothes in their wardrobe. Today you can feel like a real zebra by choosing the right outfit. There are quite a lot of masks or other attributes in thematic stores.

Like many other animals, zebras are in danger. International Zebra Day is the perfect time to donate and do your part to protect them.

When is International Zebra Day celebrated in 2024?

International Zebra Day is observed on January 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 31 2024
Friday January 31 2025
Saturday January 31 2026
Sunday January 31 2027