International Sushi Day - June 18
Tue, Jun 18, 2024

International Sushi Day

On June 18, it is time to pick up your chopsticks to eat raw fish in rolls with vegetables and hot sauce. This is the appetizing International Sushi Day. National Japanese cuisine is honored in amazing manifestations. This favorite taste and popular dish can be ordered from home for a quick, delicious, and beautiful dinner.

The History

The Japanese have been preparing sushi since ancient times; peasants used salted fish stored in rice for food. The protein content was still high. Sushi, as we know it, appeared in Japan in the Middle Ages. Rice was divided into pieces. Some fish were superimposed on top. At the beginning of the XX century, the Japanese, fleeing from the consequences of natural disasters in their native country, migrated to different states, spreading the culture of making and eating sushi. The holiday appeared in 2009 on social networks.

Interesting Facts

Famous actors and actresses contributed to the popularization of sushi. Being role models, they unintentionally forced fans to take a closer look at this unprecedented treat and appreciate its taste.

  1. Sushi transformed and adapted to American norms. In the California roll, crab meat and vegetables are used instead of raw fish. Philadelphia uses cream cheese, avocado and salmon fillet.
  2. Japanese traditionally prefer wasabi. Europeans and Americans often replace it with horseradish.
  3. The homeland of sushi is considered to be the region of Southeast Asia.
  4. In the past, sushi was considered food for the poor, but later appeared on menus of expensive restaurants as exclusive snacks and independent dishes.

Puffer fish requires strict adherence to the rules of its preparation. Otherwise, the person gets poisoned and dies.

How to take part

Go to an Asian restaurant and order your favorite rolls. To make the dish at home, you need to pick up the right type of rice, cook it correctly, and use special equipment and ingredients meant for sushi. Turn on Netflix, watch a documentary about the history of this Japanese national dish.

When is International Sushi Day celebrated in 2024?

International Sushi Day is observed on June 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 18 2024
Wednesday June 18 2025