International Moment of Laughter Day - April 14
Sun, Apr 14, 2024

International Moment of Laughter Day

International Moment of Laughter Day is an international holiday dedicated to laughter. It encourages you to be positive on this day, because laughter prolongs life! Don’t let boredom, discouragement and sadness get a hold of you and show them where they belong. It is celebrated annually on April 14.


The history of International Moment of Laughter Day begins in 1997, when a humor consultant, psychologist Izzy Gesell, took the initiative to establish the holiday. He did a lot of research, which proved that laughter boosts the mood and can strengthen the immune system, increasing resistance. Gesell argues that laughter is fundamental to a happy life.

Laughter is a natural mechanism that is available even in early childhood. During its realization, different parts of the brain are activated. Laughter is a reaction to various events occurring in reality or memories that have left a positive impression in the soul.

Interesting facts

  • Laughter produces the hormone dopamine. It lifts our mood, reduces stress levels and makes us happier. People who laugh more often are less stressed.
  • Children start laughing at 3 months of age, although they can smile from birth.
  • Optimistic people who are constantly on the positive side and laugh a lot are 40% less likely to suffer from heart and vascular disease.

How to celebrate

Laugh your heart out today! Charge yourself and others with positivity. Tell jokes, watch funny videos or comedies. Do it with your friends or family!

Tell us about the holiday on social media. Ask users, how often do they laugh?

When is International Moment of Laughter Day celebrated in 2024?

International Moment of Laughter Day is observed on April 14 each year.


Sunday April 14 2024
Monday April 14 2025
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