International Hot and Spicy Food Day - January 16
Tue, Jan 16, 2024

International Hot and Spicy Food Day

International Hot and Spicy Food Day is a holiday dedicated to spices and dishes with their addition. It is celebrated annually on January 16th. Food with a lot of hot spices is found in the cuisines of many peoples of the world. We can observe a special diversity in the countries of the East and in South America.


The history of spices goes back thousands of years. Initially, they began to be added to improve the taste characteristics of food. Later it was found that many spices can be useful in the treatment of various diseases. Therefore, in ancient times they were widely used among local healers.

It is known for certain that the ancient Greeks were great lovers of spices. They used pepper, cinnamon, ginger and many other spices. Historical sources indicate that Hippocrates knew about spicy herbs. Theophrastus also possessed great knowledge in this area, who wrote two books in which he spoke about several hundred spices and various herbs.

In medical practice, for example, curcumin was common. It has been used by Indian physicians for the treatment of arthritis, headaches, and general malaise.

Interesting facts

  • Modern scientists have found that sufficient consumption of capsaicin (found in large quantities in hot peppers) destroys cancer cells in the body.
  • A joint Sino-US study showed that having spicy food in your daily diet reduces mortality by almost 14%. This is primarily due to the improvement in the condition of blood vessels and the heart, as well as the destruction of toxins through the use of spicy food.
  • The use of spicy and spicy foods in food makes you feel younger, as they help eliminate pain in the joints and muscles, relieve inflammation.

How to celebrate

Gather your family or friends around the table on International Hot and Spicy Food Day by cooking spicy or spicy dishes. If you do not want to stand at the kitchen table, then a visit to an Asian or Mexican restaurant would be a great option for this day. You will definitely find the right food there!

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Discuss with other users your favorite spices that add spice to dishes without killing its natural taste.

When is International Hot and Spicy Food Day celebrated in 2024?

International Hot and Spicy Food Day is observed on January 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday January 16 2024
Thursday January 16 2025
Friday January 16 2026
Saturday January 16 2027

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