International Feng Shui Awareness Day - April 8
Mon, Apr 8, 2024

International Feng Shui Awareness Day

International Feng Shui Awareness Day is an international holiday dedicated to the practice of feng shui. There are still heated debates about it. Some people call this approach usual quackery, others sincerely believe in it and actively use it when repairing the apartment, arrangement of the workplace and much more. The holiday is celebrated annually on April 8.


There is no authentic history of the origin of International Feng Shui Awareness Day as well as Feng Shui itself. This practice originated in ancient China, even before the compass. It was in use as far back as 4000 BC. Evidence of the use of feng shui can be found in the written sources of Yangshao and Hongshan cultures.

Special astrolabes, called “shi” in many sources, were used for the practice of feng shui. They were found in the tombs of emperors during excavations. They were used to determine the position and height of the stars, but they were also used for divination. The imperial palaces and many houses were built so that they corresponded to the position of the Inshi star after the winter solstice. It was believed that such buildings could absorb more energy.

Today the practice of feng shui no longer includes such measurements of the position of the stars to accuracy, but it is used as a technique for the proper arrangement of things in the home or in the workplace. Specialists in this field assure that this approach will attract happiness, luck and success to you.

Interesting facts

  • According to some sources, feng shui was originally used to decorate graves. Later it was adapted to the construction of houses and entire cities.
  • In Taiwan, many businessmen and wealthy people invited feng shui masters to furnish their homes or offices. Given that Taiwan is now a prosperous state, one can begin to believe in the efficacy of the practice.

How to celebrate

Do a harmonious rearrangement of your home or workplace according to feng shui. This way you can not only update them, but also test the efficacy of feng shui.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask users if they believe in the beneficial effects of feng shui.

When is International Feng Shui Awareness Day celebrated in 2024?

International Feng Shui Awareness Day is observed on April 8 each year.


Monday April 8 2024
Tuesday April 8 2025
Weekday Month Day Year

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