International Body Piercing Day - June 28
Fri, Jun 28, 2024

International Body Piercing Day

International Body Piercing Day is another case where the birthday of a particular person became a holiday. Jim Ward was born on 28 June 1941 in Western Oklahoma, and he is the grandfather of modern piercing. Today, you will not surprise anyone with metal jewelry in the most unexpected places, but in the 1970s, a pierced nose or tongue was considered outrageous. By opening the first US piercing studio in West Hollywood, Ward created the piercing industry and developed many of the basic techniques.


International Body Piercing Day was invented by one of Jim Ward’s friends, so people would remember Jim’s achievements in the field of piercing every year: he really developed the basic forms of barbells, rings for fixing chains, and safe nipple and intimate area piercing techniques. Today, this international holiday is a professional holiday for many piercers around the world. International Body Piercing Day is used to spread awareness about the culture associated with this type of body modification and how to do it safely.

Interesting facts

To achieve true mastery in the field of piercing jewelry, Jim Ward studied jewelry making. Piercing was inspired by fan and piercing promoter Doug Malloy.

Barbells were first made in Germany. This type of jewelry was introduced to Ward by Malloy, who befriended German piercing pioneer Horst Streckenbach (“Themselves”) and his student Manfred Kohrs (“Tatu”).

How to take part

Celebrate Body Piercing Day if you love piercings:

  1. Take a photo of your jewelry and post it on your social networks.
  2. Tell people about your feelings from the piercing, talk about safety measures and ways to care for the skin afterward.
  3. Many piercing studios offer discounts to their clients on this holiday. You can get a new decoration. Or get your first one if you do not already have it.

When is International Body Piercing Day celebrated in 2023?

International Body Piercing Day is observed on June 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday June 28 2023
Friday June 28 2024
Saturday June 28 2025

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