Humbug Day - December 21
Thu, Dec 21, 2023

Humbug Day

Humbug Day is for those who are exhausted by the preparations for Christmas. We all look forward to the magical holidays, but shopping, organizing, doing chores, planning, all of it can be really draining. Sometimes there’s not enough energy left to be truly excited about the upcoming celebration. That’s why December 21 is the perfect day to take a deep breath and just grumble a bit!


The date was established by Tom and Ruth Roy, a married couple who invented and introduced many interesting holidays in America. They thought it was easy to let the joy of Christmas disappear in the midst of all the running around. The day was inspired by the movie A Christmas Carol, featuring Scrooge, a stiff and grouchy character who had a habit of complaining endlessly. At the end of the movie, he reconsiders his views, buys a turkey for the Cratchit family and goes to dinner.

We can all draw a parallel with Scrooge. The important thing is to realize it before it’s too late, so we don’t hurt others or sink into a toxic mental state. That’s why Humbug Day is a great opportunity to take a break.

Interesting facts

  • Scrooge in English has become a synonym for the word “miser”. There’s another stingy character from the Disney universe: Scrooge McDuck.
  • The story by Charles Dickens was published in 1843.
  • This grumpy character didn’t care about others.
  • At the beginning of the story he refused his nephew’s invitation to a holiday, but by the end he came to him gladly.

How to take part

Take the day off and put away your worries – you can think about them tomorrow, but not on Humbug Day! Reach out to your friends who feel the same way and talk about the date. Watch an interesting movie, buy some delicious food, listen to music, take a walk and enjoy life!

When is Humbug Day celebrated in 2023?

Humbug Day is observed on December 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday December 21 2023
Saturday December 21 2024
Sunday December 21 2025
Monday December 21 2026