Hug a GI Day - march
Mon, Mar 4, 2024

Hug a GI Day

Hug a G.I. Day is an American holiday dedicated to military personnel. It is celebrated annually on March 4. On this holiday, we can thank these men for their service. Each of them allows us to feel safe and not be afraid of enemy attack, because soldiers will always come to the rescue. Military forces are the foundation of state security. Without it, it is impossible to build a solid and strong state.


The emergence of the term G.I., which today refers to members of the armed forces, was preceded by an interesting story. The acronym is thought to have originated in the early 1900s and originally referred to galvanized iron products. During the 1914-1918 war it was used to mark German galvanized shells for artillery installations.

Later the acronym began to be deciphered as “Government Issue”. During World War II it was commonly used for conscripts. It is believed that such a nickname in wartime was sarcastic. Since, in essence, the soldiers were a government commodity that the president needed to win.

Of great importance in cementing the term G.I. behind the troops was the author and artist G.I. Joe, who published funny comic strips in Yank magazine in the summer of 1942, in which the main character was Sergeant D. Breger.

Interesting facts

  • The use of G.I. became official after F. Roosevelt signed the “G.I. Act” in 1944, regulating the rules for rearming soldiers.
  • The coloring of the army uniform was approved in 1779 by D. Washington himself. Over the centuries it has changed many times, but in 2010 they decided to return to the historical version.
  • Officially, U.S. aviation as a division of the Army came into existence in 1947.

How to celebrate

Congratulate familiar servicemembers on Hug a G.I. Day. Don’t forget to hug them! Find out more interesting information about the U.S. Army this day. Share it with your friends and family.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they served in the military.

When is Hug a GI Day in 2024?

Hug a GI Day is observed on March 4 each year.


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