Buffalo Soldiers Day - July 28
Sun, Jul 28, 2024

Buffalo Soldiers Day

Buffalo Soldiers Day is celebrated on July 28 and is dedicated to an army regiment which consisted entirely of African Americans. This unit was created to uphold law and order in the Wild West. The times after the end of the Civil War were very turbulent, and additional protection was needed. It is noteworthy that there were practically no deserters among the Buffalo soldiers, and they were distinguished by exceptional courage. Why Buffalo? No one knows for sure.

The History

The Buffalo Soldiers performed many tasks – they caught thieves who stole livestock, guarded natural treasures, and also controlled the safe movement of immigrants from the East. Since then, this unit has been honored as they ensure security, and Buffalo Soldiers Day not only calls on us to be more attentive to people, but also draws attention to issues of racial equality in the army.

Interesting Facts

  • The Buffalo soldiers were considered the most courageous. The group consisted of two cavalry regiments – the 9th and 10th – as well as several infantry regiments.
  • Why are we talking about racial equality in the army on July 28? When the 9th and 10th regiments, which consisted of African Americans, appeared in the second half of the 19th century, they were provided with substandard supplies. They also served in the farthest point of America.
  • The Buffalo soldiers are best known for participating in military conflicts with the Indians. The battles lasted more than 10 years, during which time the American soldiers managed to subdue the Indian tribes.
  • The next task for the group was to protect national parks, after which they were sent to Florida at the outbreak of the Spanish-American war.
  • Everywhere these soldiers faced racism.

How to take part

The city of Houston, Texas has a museum dedicated to a group of Buffalo soldiers, visit it. Read more about racism in the army, study the laws aimed at preventing it. Be patient and do your best to eradicate this problem. There are many monuments to Buffalo soldiers in America, visit the nearest one and lay flowers in memory of their exploits.

When is Buffalo Soldiers Day celebrated in 2024?

Buffalo Soldiers Day is observed on September 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday July 28 2024
Monday July 28 2025
Tuesday July 28 2026

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