Hug a Drummer Day - October 10
Mon, Oct 10, 2022

Hug a Drummer Day

Hug a Drummer Day is celebrated around the world on October 10 and encourages people to show respect to those who usually remain in the shadows. Most of the glory goes to the soloists, but we must not forget about the other members of the groups who give all the best on stage for 10 points! It is the drummer who sets the rhythm of the music and can make the listeners move more actively or at a slower pace.


National Day has become a favorite holiday for musical people. This fact is easy to follow. But the drummers don’t know who to thank for setting the date. Perhaps the person who invented it will reveal his face in the near future.

Many do not realize how much effort and energy is invested in one hour concert. Often musicians are offended, considering them lazy and real outsiders. Surprisingly, such people exist!

Hug a Drummer Day has many events where the drummer appears in front of everyone in all his glory! In recent years, major manufacturers of drums and other musical instruments have become participants in the festival. Over time, the popularity has increased greatly!

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • the first installation was invented in 1909. Created by William Ludwig;
  • the sound of the drum is known as percussive;
  • the first drummer was named Chick Webb, he owns the record – he drummed for 122 hours without a break!;
  • historians claim that analogues of tools were found in ancient China;
  • John Bonham is considered one of the best professionals of all time.

How to celebrate

Do you know a drummer? Congratulate him and tell him that most people know that every song depends on his skills. Create a party and invite a friend, organize a holiday party. Share the idea of ​​a date with others – let more people know about its existence! Make a donation to the school group to motivate members to succeed and not be discouraged.

When is Hug a Drummer Day celebrated in 2022?

Hug a Drummer Day is observed on October 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 10 2022
Tuesday October 10 2023
Thursday October 10 2024
Friday October 10 2025
Saturday October 10 2026

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