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April 19 is marked by grief, Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day honors deceased of terrible nightmarish event occurred in the US state in 1995. Cruel criminal action directed against humanity, American people.

The History

Car bomb exploded. The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was demolished. Number of victims is 168. Children were killed. Almost 700 persons were seriously injured. Timothy McVeigh was found to be involved and guilty, arrested 2 hours after explosive device went off. Accomplice Terry Nichols was arrested later. Radicals adhered to ultra-right views took revenge for events took place in Texas and northern Idaho: in 1993, federal services launched siege of ranch extremist organization was based. Its activities were illegal within state borders. In 2001, McVeigh was executed, Nichols received life sentence in prison.

How to Celebrate

Human life is the highest value. When peaceful people suffer at criminals hands, it is grandiose injustice, followed by legal retribution.

  1. Appropriate to honor memory of victims, light candles, express regrets and condolences. National soul pain, tragedy.
  2. Take a walk to memorial complex built on collapsed building site in Oklahoma City, lay flowers.
  3. Express negative attitude towards violence against civilians, initiators and perpetrators are criminal groups formed of psychopaths, fanatics obsessed with cruelty.

Mournful events in Oklahoma had consequences: Government took legislative measures to strengthen protection of administrative buildings. Evacuation routes were designed, implemented in case of unforeseen dangerous situation. It helped to prevent 60 serious crimes in period 1995-2005.

When Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day celebrated in 2022?

Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day is observed on April 19 each year.