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Nelson Mandela International Day is a holiday dedicated to a man who devoted his whole life to the struggle for the freedom of his people and social justice. Nelson Mandela is an amazing man who, having been born in Africa, became a lawyer and later President of South Africa. The holiday was established by the UN on Mandela’s birthday.

The History

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918, as a child, instead of fairy tales, the boy listened to poignant stories about ancestors who heroically fought for freedom. It was then that the twelve-year-old Nelson decided to devote his life to the struggle for freedom. The young Mandela failed to get a higher education the first time – he was expelled for participating in student protests. He also did not want to stay at home, because the king threatened that he would find a bride for him if the guy did not continue his studies. He fled to Johannesburg, where he received his higher education, got a job as a mine guard.

In the middle of the last century, Nelson Mandela joined the African National Congress party, led peaceful protests, military conflicts against the ruling regime in South Africa. For his active civil and political position, the politician spent 30 years in a cell. After his release, he led the movement against apartheid and achieved its eradication.

Trust and respect for Nelson Mandela at home was so great that he was elected president. The first Nelson Mandela International Day was celebrated in 2009.

Interesting Facts

  • Nelson Mandela is South Africa’s first black president and lawyer.
  • For his active participation in the destruction of apartheid, Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Prize.
  • The real name of the boy Rolihlahla is a prankster, and the teachers at school called him Nelson.
  • As president, Nelson Mandela introduced free medical care for children under 6 years of age, compulsory education for all children in Africa, and implemented the National Medicines Policy.

How to celebrate

Nelson Mandela International Day is a great opportunity to learn more about this wonderful person. If you feel enough strength and energy in yourself, follow the example of Nelson Mandela, be active, volunteer, help those who need it. Numerous films about the life of Nelson Mandela will inspire you, there are also many exhibitions, seminars held on his birthday, visit them.

When is Nelson Mandela International Day celebrated in 2022?

Nelson Mandela International Day is observed on July 18 each year.