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Everyone wants to be beautiful and successful, so let’s congratulate the specialists of the cosmetology industry on Beauticians Day. A flawless appearance, good skin condition, a toned figure, and a spectacular hairstyle give confidence and allow them to achieve success due to high self-esteem. It is difficult to overestimate the merit of cosmetologists.

The History

The profession of beautician began to take shape at royal courts in Europe and Asia. Aristocrats, kings, and queens were concerned about their own appearance. Having a huge financial fortune they did not skimp on the means to help them look better, more beautiful, and younger. The maids who were engaged in beauty procedures served the noble people. The range of services of a modern beautician includes: manicure, pedicure, hair coloring and styling, massage, facial treatments (masks, peeling, cleaning).

Interesting Facts

The first cosmetics were created from herbs. The natural vegetable base provided a positive effect on the skin: nutrition, moisturizing, cleansing.

  1. Coconut oil is considered the best hair cosmetic in Asian countries.
  2. Seafood is useful for the skin because it contains large amounts of protein and minerals, identical in composition to human cellular structures.
  3. To become a professional beautician, you need to go through step-by-step training. Even a bachelor’s degree is available in this field.

In order to remain the best in the profession, it is necessary to constantly take advanced training courses. The industry is constantly developing. New ways of performing manual and hardware procedures are being developed. Progressive means for self-care are being created.

How to celebrate

Congratulate your personal beauty master on a well-deserved holiday and tell him how much his work means. Prepare a healthy dessert (sweet is harmful to the skin). Share a spectacular photo where the result of the beautician’s activity is clearly visible.

When is Beautician’s Day celebrated in 2022?

Beautician’s Day is observed on June 26 each year.