Go Topless Day - August 26
Fri, Aug 26, 2022

Go Topless Day

Go Topless Day can be celebrated on August 26 or any day of the last week of this month. This peculiar holiday, more reminiscent of an event or a flash mob, is not for nothing on the calendar so close to Women’s Equality Day. It also has a gender coloring – it was invented to emphasize the right of women to behave in public places in the same way as men. No one seriously condemns men for going shirtless! The purpose of the event is to allow women to go topless where this action is prohibited by law.


The first ever Go Topless Day was organized by Go Topless from Nevada in 2007. It is curious that this team was created by a man known as Rael. His real name is Claude Vorillon, and literally from his youth he was a social activist. He began studying at a Catholic school, but made a real scandal in it, as he took communion, being unbaptized. A little later, he demanded that the Catholic Church pay compensation to the descendants of the Huguenots.

Since 1973, he has led the international UFO religion, writing books about his contact with alien intelligence, and traveling the world promoting his ideas. South Korea denied him entry into the country, Switzerland banned residence in one of the cantons.

Interesting facts

Learn something about the topless movement:

  1. Go Topless Day was initiated in response to the actions of the New York authorities against a woman named Jill Coccaro. She is known as a topless activist under the pseudonym Phoenix Philly. In 2005, she was arrested for being topless in a public place.
  2. The rules for this holiday require women to walk the streets topless, while men, on the contrary, dress up in bikinis and bras as a sign of support.
  3. Supporters of Go Topless are protesting against the perception of their holiday as a semblance of a beauty contest. They believe that women have the right to walk in this form every day.

How to celebrate

If you support the idea of ​​Go Topless Day, you can celebrate it in the way that the activists and activists of this movement celebrate it, and spread the word about the holiday on social networks. Use the hashtag #GoToplessDay.

When is Go Topless Day celebrated in 2022?

Go Topless Day is observed on August 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday August 26 2022
Saturday August 26 2023
Monday August 26 2024
Tuesday August 26 2025
Wednesday August 26 2026

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