Global Garbage Man Day - June 17
Mon, Jun 17, 2024

Global Garbage Man Day

There are many essential professions in society, and Global Garbage Man Day, scheduled for June 17, celebrates one of them. Garbage does not disappear from our homes and streets by magic, and the people entrusted with this task face the dangers of toxic vapors, sharp pieces of metal and glass shards, and harmful waste.

The History

This necessary holiday appeared thanks to efforts of John Arwood. This successful businessman built his career in garbage collection. As a child, John was accustomed to sorting the household garbage. He was aware of the importance of waste disposal and sought to reduce harm people cause to the environment in the name of comfort and the thirst for consumption. At the end of the XX century, John created a company to deal with this. His business developed. Gradually, he realized society downplays the merits of garbage collectors. There was an idea to create a holiday when people are informed of about the risks, dangers, and difficulties of this work.

Interesting Facts

This event has been celebrated since 2011 in various states.

  1. George Dempster created the first truck to transport waste. It was equipped with a mechanism that allows lifting bins and tipping the contents inside.
  2. A dirty environment causes high mortality, affects adults and infants.
  3. High levels of pollution cause the spread of infectious diseases and the development of epidemics or pandemics.

5 billion people on Earth are forced to live in conditions where the rules of sanitation and hygiene are not observed.

How to take part

Show gratitude to garbage collectors. Tell children about the profession, instill respect for hard work. Sort out garbage, stop littering, ignoring garbage containers. Collectors have a busy schedule of maintaining the cleanliness of the urban environment, preserving the eco-friendly, comfortable living of citizens. This work should be respected; it has an extraordinary importance in a world with a high level of consumption, waste, and pollution.

When is Global Garbage Man Day celebrated in 2024?

Global Garbage Man Day is observed on June 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 17 2024
Tuesday June 17 2025