Girl Scout Leader Day - April 22
Mon, Apr 22, 2024

Girl Scout Leader Day

Girl Scout Leader Day is an annual American holiday created to honor the leaders in the Girl Scouts of America. These are adult women who have enough experience and knowledge to share with the girls. It is celebrated on April 22.


Girl Scouting in the United States began in 1912, when the first girls’ troop was created by Juliette G. Lowe. A year later there was a formal organization, with new girls joining every year. Girl Scouting began its triumphal procession, attracting girls from every state and even from other countries.

Girl Scouting is an extension of the Boy Scout initiative. Girls in the units learned how to establish social contacts with each other and how to work as a team. Much emphasis was placed on life skills (cooking, mending torn clothes, first aid, etc.). In addition to acquiring practical skills, the idea of outdoor activities was promoted: various games and hikes.

Interesting facts

  • Girl Scouts can do charity work. The girls bake their own cookies and sell them on city streets. Each person buying these products can be sure that the money will go to support children’s homes, sick children, etc.
  • The organization has more than 1,800,000 female members of all ages.
  • The motto of all Scouts (boys and girls) is Be Prepared!

How to celebrate

Learn about Girl Scouts based in your city or state. Invite your children to join the organization. We’re sure they’ll love it!

Share the post on social networks. Ask users if they have been associated with Girl Scouts. If so, let them tell their story!

When Girl Scout Leader Day celebrated in 2024?

Girl Scout Leader Day is observed on April 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday April 22 2024
Tuesday April 22 2025