Gingerbread House Day - December 12
Mon, Dec 12, 2022

Gingerbread House Day

Prepare for the winter festivities at Gingerbread House Day – December 12th is probably the best date for this activity! It unites both adults and children, because we all love to create and invent. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional – everyone will like the holiday!


Traditionally, a culinary masterpiece is made from rich gingerbread dough. Scientists believe that ginger has been used since ancient times – people added it to some dishes to add spice. Gingerbread appeared in Europe in the 11th century. The French have a legend that tells that a rich Armenian monk brought them.

In the 16th century, figurines of men began to be baked. Queen of England Catherine simply adored them! When ambassadors from other states came to her, she treated them to delicacies with her own image. Culinary experts already at that time turned on all their imagination to surprise high-ranking people.

In almost all European countries, the profession of a baker was considered prestigious – many dreamed of mastering the business. Gingerbread was created in various forms: animals, hearts, soldiers were popular … Elegant and bright gingerbread houses appeared in Germany in the 1800s. For popularization, we must say thanks to the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tale of the same name. Since then, in December in many countries, people bake treats and decorate these masterpieces in their own way.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that gingerbread houses:

  • had the greatest success in 1812 after the release of the fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel. It was impossible not to see them at fairs and shops;
  • participate in exhibitions in Norway annually – usually about 2000 buildings;
  • help to feel like a child, because for many, childhood is associated with such pastries.

How to celebrate

Bake your own masterpiece at Gingerbread House Day! Do it alone or involve children, parents, friends in the process. Look at photos of products and recipes, choose the most suitable for you. Organize your own competition – announce the recruitment of participants on social networks.

When is Gingerbread House Day celebrated in 2022?

Gingerbread House Day is observed on December 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday December 12 2022
Tuesday December 12 2023
Thursday December 12 2024
Friday December 12 2025
Saturday December 12 2026

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