German Beer Day - April 23
Tue, Apr 23, 2024

German Beer Day

German Beer Day is an annual holiday created in honor of German beer. This is a collective name for heady drinks that are produced in Germany. This beer is valued all over the world because of its unique set of flavor and aroma features. Let’s learn more about it on this day! It is celebrated on April 23.


The history of German beer is lost in the depths of centuries. The most famous examples of the drinks that then gave rise to the development of brewing in the country are the beers produced in small quantities in the monasteries. The monks themselves developed unique recipes, which were then used to brew excellent beer. The recipes were kept in the strictest of secrecy and were passed down through the generations.

A significant event that led to an increase in the number of beer producers in the country occurred on April 23, 1516, when the “Pure Brewing Law” was issued. It protected consumer rights and obliged brewers to prepare beer only on the basis of natural ingredients, which included water, barley, and hops. Today German brewers still adhere to the requirements of this medieval law.

Interesting facts

  • There is a great variety of German beers. Experts recommend that beginners start with the classic light and dark beers called Weissbier and Schwarzbier.
  • In the Middle Ages beer was more popular than water, because at that time it was very difficult to find clean water that was not contaminated by dangerous microorganisms.
  • The strongest German beer is Bockbier. The label often has a picture of a goat on it. The strength exceeds 10%. Germans themselves advise to drink it during the cold season and the cold season.

How to celebrate

Buy several samples of German beers at the store. Arrange a tasting with friends or family to determine the best option for you. If you have the opportunity, it is worth visiting Germany to appreciate the original taste of beer in the local breweries!

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask the users, do they like German beer?

When German Beer Day celebrated in 2024?

German Beer Day is observed on April 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday April 23 2024
Wednesday April 23 2025

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