General Pulaski Memorial Day - October 11
Tue, Oct 11, 2022

General Pulaski Memorial Day

Traditionally, General Pulaski Memorial Day is celebrated on October 11th. Casimir Pulaski went to serve in the Continental Army more than two centuries ago, where he soon rose to the rank of brigadier general. During the American Revolution in the United States, it was he who undertook the creation of one of the most underdeveloped parts of the army – the cavalry.


Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski was an immigrant of Polish origin. The hero of the American Revolution received his first combat experience at the age of 15, when Russia and Poland entered the war. Pulaski was expelled from Poland after an unsuccessful uprising against Russian domination, after which he went to Europe.

After meeting Benjamin Franklin in Paris, Pulaski emigrated to the British colonies. Thanks to his experience on the battlefield and perseverance, the Polish-born emigrant quickly gained the trust of his colleagues and Washington itself. So, during the Battle of Brandywine, Pulaski saved the life of George Washington. Despite his great contribution to the successful end of the war for the Colonial Army, Pulaski would not see the end of the war. On October 9, 1779, he died during the siege of Savannah from several wounds.

Interesting facts

In honor of this holiday, we recall the following interesting facts:

  • in Poland, in the city of Warsaw in 1745 on March 6, Casimir Pulaski was born;
  • in 1929 Congress passed a resolution proclaiming October 11 General Pulaski Memorial Day;
  • in 2004, Francis K. Kazhenki published Pulaski’s Legion in the American Revolution;
  • in 1995, David R. Collins publishes Casimir Pulaski: Soldier on Horseback;
  • in Georgia, a monument to Casimir Pulaski was erected, designed by Robert Launitz.

How to celebrate

This holiday honors Polish emigrants and their descendants who have made tremendous contributions to American society in many different areas of life. Despite the fact that the holiday is not a public holiday, on this day you can remember General Casimir Pulaski, read literature about him and write about the courage of the hero of the American Revolution on social networks.

When is General Pulaski Memorial Day celebrated in 2022?

General Pulaski Memorial Day is observed on October 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 11 2022
Wednesday October 11 2023
Friday October 11 2024
Saturday October 11 2025
Sunday October 11 2026

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