Fountain Pen Day - November
Fri, Nov 4, 2022

Fountain Pen Day

Fountain Pen Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of the last autumn month, in 2022 it falls on November 5th. It was first celebrated in 2012 with the aim of reminding people of such a stationery item as a stationery pen. The text written by her looks elegant, elegant. Many manufacturers, companies, shops join this holiday.


The first pen was used in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC. A stationery item was called a stylus, reed straw was used for its manufacture, and ink was prepared from a mixture of plant straw with soot. Such pens were submersible – they were dipped in ink and written. The first tank objects for writing appeared in 953, metal models came into use in the 17th century.

It is noteworthy that the ink required new writing instruments, large, stiff feathers from the tails of birds fit perfectly. The feather was cut and trimmed in a special way. When writing, they used special blotting paper, because the ink often dripped and left splashes. The first real fountain pen appeared in 1636, designed by Petrache Poenaru.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2012, Fountain Pen Day was founded with the aim of restoring the popularity of the fountain pen, reviving the elegant handwriting.
  • During the Renaissance, Da Vinci invented the fountain pen and even designed it.
  • Fountain pens can be used to relieve stress, watch various videos about this.
  • In the first half of the 20th century, ink cartridges were made of glass or copper.
  • It is believed that such pens are able to adapt to a person’s handwriting and writing style.

How to celebrate

Today, the first pens are an item of status, luxury, so it’s time to go to the store and pick up one copy for yourself or as a gift. Try to write something with a fountain pen, feel how different the words “sound” written in ink, and not the usual ballpoint stationery. Share on social networks about such a holiday, encourage people to revive the ink writing format. You can also go to a nursing home and write letters with a fountain pen to loved ones of those who are there.

When is Fountain Pen Day celebrated in 2022?

Fountain Pen Day is observed on the first Friday of November each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 4 2022
Friday November 3 2023
Friday November 1 2024
Friday November 7 2025
Friday November 6 2026