Festival of Sleep Day - January 3
Wed, Jan 3, 2024

Festival of Sleep Day

Festival of Sleep Day is for all of us! Are there people who don’t like to sleep? We really looked for them, but did not find them. How pleasant it is to spend time in a warm bed after a hard day at work or on a day off. Today it is worth staying at home and celebrating the holiday in a horizontal position!


The date is celebrated on January 3 for a reason: the beginning of the year is the perfect time to take a break from fun and sleep! During the holidays, people devote too few hours to sleep: parties, trips, walks, meeting friends … Of course, this is a cool pastime, but a break is simply necessary. The day was made to do it today!

Scientists have proven that ancient people slept 6-6,5 hours a day. They didn’t sleep as much as we did, going to bed too late and getting up at sunrise due to work needs. It remains to be seen how they felt. Modern people experience problems with sleep, this is influenced by many factors: stress, disruption of the regime, hormones, malnutrition, background noise, general workload …

Interesting facts

Amazing Moments:

  • The blind also dream. If blindness is congenital, then they are formed on the basis of tactile sensations, smells, tastes;
  • on average, a person sleeps 6 years in a lifetime;
  • most people’s dreams have the same theme: falling into an abyss, escaping from a killer, failing an exam …;
  • more often we meet negative dreams;
  • if in a dream you saw a stranger, then in reality this is not so. This face definitely flickered sometime in your life, and your brain remembered it, but not consciousness. This may be a meeting in the crowd, a participant in a television show;
  • ex-smokers have more vivid dreams than people without bad habits.

How to celebrate

Stay home at Festival of Sleep Day and get some sleep! Wash your bedding, fluff up your pillow and plunge into the world of morpheus … Turn off your phone or put it on silent mode. Warn your loved ones about your intentions so that no one loses you! Watch your sleep, because it affects the health of the body and well-being.

When is Festival of Sleep Day celebrated in 2024?

Festival of Sleep Day is observed on January 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 3 2024
Friday January 3 2025
Saturday January 3 2026
Sunday January 3 2027

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